AKT has been providing qualified legal services since the firm’s establishment in 2000 by Mr. Melih Aji, Mr. M. Cem Kaspi and Mr. Rona Kaspi.

In the beginning of 2013, with the merging of Mrs. Serra Aksakal and Mr. Ercan Demir and moving to its new offices, the firm increased the high quality service concept to maximum.

Members of AKT team have broad range of skills and experience focused to deliver fast and effective service to Clients. With the trust-based relations established over the years, AKT is able to provide multi-jurisdictional service in highest standards.

AKT is the sole Turkish member of the Warwick Legal Network, a prominent international association of law firms specialized in commercial law.

Mr. Rona Kaspi and Mr. M. Cem Kaspi, partners of AKT, are the Turkish special agents of the Marshall Islands Registry which is one of the leading and most reputable international registries in the shipping market.

Warwick Legal Network



Before establishing its current practice, the each member of AKT had built a strong reputation in maritime and transportation law related matters.

AKT team has great experience in every kind of precautionary orders, injunctions in connection with all kind of maritime and transportation disputes both in domestic and international jurisdiction with the support of a wide network of correspondents.

Each member of AKT gained experience by participating in the sale and purchase transactions of vessels and yachts on a weekly basis for many years. This has enabled the each member of AKT lawyers to foresee and to point out any possible risks from the initial term sheet and negotiation stage until the completion of transaction. In addition, each member of AKT has experience in providing practical and pragmatic solutions particularly in complicated transaction and concluding these transactions in a swift, and effectively manner.

The lawyers at AKT are experienced in dealing with finance documents both on the shipowners’ and the lenders’ side and due to the experience gained from numerous transactions and outstanding experience in litigation, AKT has successfully undertook grate number due diligence instructions in many years. AKT’s practice also covers:

  • Purchase and sale of vessels and yachts from the term sheet stage to successful completion of registry procedures,
  • Financing and refinancing of vessels and yachts acting for institutional lenders and the borrowers/owners   including providing comprehensive advice on the issuance and provision of relevant local securities,
  • Arrest  and enforcement proceedings against ships,  enforcement of liens on cargoes,
  • Casualties, cargo claims, salvage and general average,
  • Agreements regarding design, building, conversion and repair of vessels


AKT provides effective legal services to local and foreign investors in negotiations of all kinds of agreements for their investments, mergers and acquisitions.

The team also supports clients in finding out the correct type of structure of a contract, partnership and management models, security instruments tailored to the requirements of the transaction and clients’ needs.


AKT provides high-end legal support to insurers and policyholders in negotiation and preparation of all kinds of insurance agreements covering their needs and all kinds of dispute resolution on a wide spectrum.

AKT advises and represents and is on the panel of many reputable insurers, reinsurers, brokers, financial institutions and insured corporates on all manner of insurance issues.


AKT aims to provide the most efficient protection for its clients in drafting the contracts and handling all kind of disputes in employment law-related issues.  AKT team is always cautious in designating the correct strategy and collecting the evidences in the employments claims.

AKT is also well established and reputable expert on the disputes regarding death or injury claims.


AKT provides services in pre-sale, sale and acquisition of both movable and immovable assets, security arrangements and including disputes arising from rental contracts.

AKT’s practice also provides various types of services regarding inheritance and probate related matters.


AKT is a prominent expertise in providing consultancy and dispute resolution services in tax related matters. AKT represents clients in reconciliation meetings and legal actions in connection with taxes and penalties illegally imposed.


Litigation remains one of AKT’s real strengths.

Every member of AKT team provides quality services in all kinds of litigation matter and arbitrations at both the national and international level. On the national level AKT provides corporate and commercial litigation services to many clients in many sectors

AKT also aims to ensure the protection of client's interests at utmost level during both domestic and foreign litigation process and in recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions and arbitral awards.


Melih Aji


Year and Place of Birth: Istanbul, 1953

Law Education: Istanbul University Faculty of Law (LL.B. 1976)

Languages: English, French, Spanish

E-mail: melihaji@aktlaw.com

M. Cem Kaspi


Year and Place of Birth: Istanbul, 1969

Law Education: Istanbul University Faculty of Law (LL.B. 1997)

Languages: English, French

E-mail: cemkaspi@aktlaw.com

Rona Kaspi


Year and Place of Birth: Istanbul, 1972

Law Education: Istanbul University Faculty of Law (LL.B. 1997) Istanbul Commerce University Faculty of Law (LL.M. 2004)

Languages: English

E-mail: ronakaspi@aktlaw.com

Serra Ünsal Aksakal


Year and Place of Birth: Istanbul, 1976

Law Education: Istanbul University Faculty of Law (LL.B. 1999)

Languages: English

E-mail: serraaksakal@aktlaw.com

Ercan Demir


Year and Place of Birth: Sakarya, 1975

Law Education: Istanbul University Faculty of Law (LL.B. 1999)

Languages: English

E-mail: ercandemir@aktlaw.com

Kadriye Yürük Yılmaz


Year and Place of Birth: Mersin, 1985

Law Education: Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Law (LL.B. 2007) University of Manchester (LL.M. 2007)

Languages: English

E-mail: kadriyeyuruk@aktlaw.com

Tuğçe Kedme


Year and Place of Birth: Istanbul, 1987

Law Education: Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law (LL.B. 2011)

Languages: English, Italian

E-mail: tugcekedme@aktlaw.com

Ayşegül Kamalı


Year and Place of Birth: Antakya, 1990

Law Education: Marmara University Faculty of Law (LL.B. 2013)

Languages: English

E-mail: aysegulkamali@aktlaw.com

Ece Birinci


Year and Place of Birth: Bursa, 1991

Law Education: Marmara University Faculty of Law (LL.B. 2014)

Languages: English, French

E-mail: ecebirinci@aktlaw.com

Esra Binboğa


Year and Place of Birth: Istanbul, 1990

Law Education: Ankara University Faculty of Law (LL.B, 2012), Queen Mary University of London( LL.M. 2015)

Languages: English, Turkish

E-mail: esrabinboga@aktlaw.com

Öykü Güvenilir


Year and Place of Birth: Ankara, 1993

Law Education: Baskent University Faculty of Law (LL.B. 2015)

Languages: English

E-mail: oykuguvenilir@aktlaw.com

Muhammet Enes Savaş


Year and Place of Birth: 1994, Üsküdar

Law Education: Istanbul University Faculty of Law

Languages: English

E-mail: enessavas@aktlaw.com

Gülce Cantürk


Year and Place of Birth: Istanbul, 1993

Law Education: Istanbul University Faculty of Law (L.L.B. 2016)

Languages: English, French

E-mail: gulcecanturk@aktlaw.com


AKT offers opportunities to both associates and trainee lawyers to invest their energy in improving their skills in a wide range and in producing perfect work as a member of a busy and well-harmonized team.

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