Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data

AKT Law Firm (“AKT”) provides services within the framework of the understanding of customer satisfaction security of customer information, protection of personal data.

AKT, the website www.aktlaw.com is hereinafter referred to as "Website".


1. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The website contains information about the fields of activity and members of AKT.

All rights of AKT regarding the content of this Website are reserved, including all kinds of material and intellectual property rights, real and personal rights, commercial information and rights to experience. All registered or unregistered intellectual property rights such as title, business name, brand, patent, logo, design, text, image, icon, information and method on the website belong to AKT. Visiting the Website does not give any rights to the User regarding the intellectual property rights of AKT, since the information on the website is publicly published.

The User shall not violate the specified intellectual property rights of the Website, the text contents, drawings, photographs, innovations, systems, processes, formulas, methods and techniques, images, visual elements, logos and icons, all kinds of designs, copyrights, trademarks, patents and visual and audio elements, patents and all kinds of information, content and documents that belongs to AKT and / or another third party. User agrees, declares and undertakes that she/he will not change, copy, not even make a subject of inspiration, process, distribute, publish or use the above-mentioned in any way.

The user also accepts, declares and undertakes that he will not use any part or all of the Website without the permission of AKT, and will not compete directly and / or indirectly with AKT by using the Website contents.

User accepts and declares that AKT or any of its members or performance aids, including content producers, cannot be held responsible while the User visiting the Website any text, information, comment, opinion, news, image, picture, shape, graphic, logo, brand, icon, all kinds of visual and audio content on the Website,  that AKT or any of its members, including content producers, or performance assistants will not be held responsible for the results of the publication of the content and any actions taken on the basis of these contents, any material or moral damages that they may incur due to failure to comply with the privacy policy of the Website.


2. Protection of Personal Data

AKT only obtains the information that must be obtained from its customers and Users and the information necessary to increase the service quality.

AKT has embraced the principle of protecting the privacy of visitors to the Website. Within the scope of the relevant legislation, AKT takes all the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security as a data controller in order to prevent the processing of personal data and illegal access to the data and to ensure the protection of personal data. The processing and use of such data and information in accordance with current and valid legal regulations AKT keeps the system infrastructures and internet software at the most reliable level. The information provided by the users cannot be viewed by other internet users or cannot be accessed by any third party. A system has been created on the Website that allows Users to visit the Website and get information about AKT without providing any information.

In case AKT works with different organizations to receive support services, it will ensure that these companies comply with this privacy standards and conditions.

The User accepts and declares that for the purposes stated herein he / she allows the collection, storage, processing, use of the personal data, which he/she has given consent to be shared with AKT and to be transferred to third parties whose details have been given above.

Any dispute that may arise regarding the rules and obligations stated herein will be subject to Turkish law and the exclusive authority of Istanbul (Ça─člayan) Courts and Execution Offices.

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